San Diego Poodle Club Inc.

The San Diego Poodle Club is passionate about poodles and are on a mission to help poodles in need. As a result, we have established the San Diego Poodle Rescue a division of the San Diego Poodle Club. This is a 501-3 (c) group dedicated to helping Poodles in need run by volunteer club members.

Our rescue poodles come from owner relinquishment (owner dies, owner can no longer care for the dog), and member dogs. We accept pure-bred poodles only - not mixed breeds. Prior to adoption, all dogs are:


  • Up To Date on Core Vaccines

  • Spayed or Neutered

  • Microchipped

  • Beautifully Groomed


The best way to contact us is by email! We do not have a shelter facility - all of our dogs are housed in private foster homes. If you are interested in one of the dogs listed on our website or are inquiring about relinquishing a Poodle, please email us. We will return your email as soon as possible.


Adoption Process - An adoption application is the first step (a list of all forms can be found below). Please give us as much information as you can on the application and be totally honest as this will help us in a mutually beneficial placement.


Once the application is approved, a home visit with the dog will be done by a San Diego Poodle Rescue volunteer. We will check the environment and safety of the home. We must meet all members of the family, including present pets.  Adoption fees vary depending on age, health issues and size of dog.

**If viewing on a smart phone, scroll all the way down to access the forms.

                                 Downloadable Forms

Owner Relinquishment Form


Adoption Application 

             New Owner Questionnaire        



Dogs currently available for adoption as of 03/21/20:

We Have A White Miniature Available

Lily -  8 ½ yrs old. 

Lily is a beautiful retired show dog, an AKC Champion. Lily has had some health problems but is now on the road to a happy, healthy life. She is recovering from recent dental surgery. Most of her teeth were extracted due to extensive decay and infection. Lily had eye problems earlier in her life – Distichiasis (eyelash disorder) and juvenile cataracts.  The good news is that Lily is doing very well now in her foster home. She is active, friendly, and very affectionate.

She loves people and other dogs.


Lily is looking for her forever home with loving people who can be home with her, allow her sit on their laps, and encourage her to be the sweet little princess she is.