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Just Say NO To Designer Dogs!

Too Good To Be True!

We have all heard about these new “Designer Dogs”. They are created by people who will cross a Poodle with anything from a Labrador to a Chihuahua under the pretense of creating the “perfect” dog. They claim to have created new breeds that are hypoallergenic, smart, non-aggressive, calm, and healthy? Logic would have to tell you that this is just too good to be true!

In actuality, for the thousands of dollars that you may spend to acquire such a dog, you will receive a mutt with little or no health testing behind it, no predictability to its size, shape, or coat characteristics and no consistent temperament type!

Dogs used for Designer Dog breeding programs tend to be of inferior quality. No reputable Poodle Breeder is going to allow their quality dogs to be used in these breeding programs.

The promise of the “perfect dog,” is shattered when you consider the probability of the designer dog only acquiring the positive attributes from its parents. You could just as easily get the worst of the two respective breeds and that could be a devastating disaster.

We ask that you please do your part to help us protect our wonderful breed, the Poodle. Please think about what wonderful attributes the pure bred Poodle will offer you.

- Provided by Poodle Club of America

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